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At All Hours Plumbing, we specialise in plumbing upgrades and pipe renovations for homes and businesses. If you’re renovating an old property you might want to consider upgrading your plumbing. As plumbing ages, pipes, joints and fittings can wear, increasing the risk of leaks, burst pipes, blockages and water contamination.

With our old pipe renewal services, we can replace worn or outdated plumbing and fittings, update pipe materials and ensure all your plumbing meets current building code regulations.

Renovating or updating bathrooms or kitchens can involve moving pipes to accommodate the new floorplan. Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers can work with your renovation team to move all pipes and fittings to accommodate the new bathroom or kitchen design. Whether you’re looking to move an appliance, install a new appliance or completely renovate a bathroom or kitchen, we can adapt the plumbing as necessary.

At All Hours Plumbing, we have over 10 years’ experience providing expert plumbing services to homes and businesses across Melbourne. We have worked extensively on major renovation and plumbing upgrade projects. With our experience and know-how, we can ensure that your plumbing renovations are carried out efficiently and with minimum hassle.

For plumbing renovations, contact the team at All Hours Plumbing. Give us a call on 0478 017 068 or contact us online today.

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