Blocked Drains

At All Hours Plumbing, we specialise in unblocking drains and sewerage systems. Whether you’re dealing with slow drainage or a complete blockage, we can quickly and efficiently identify and resolve the issue in any drain, inside or out.

A blocked drain can quickly cause serious damage around the home. Bad smells, bacteria and mould, burst pipes and serious water damage are just some of the issues that come with blocked drains.

Using specialist CCTV drain camera inspections, we can quickly diagnose the blockage and determine the best way to remove it while minimising any necessary excavation.

Common blockages include plant matter, paper and foreign objects, hair and grease. These types of blockages are easily removed using high pressure tools. If tree roots have infiltrated your pipes, we use specialised root cutting systems to cut back roots and remove the block.

We can handle all types of blocked drains including slow-moving drains, sewerage drains, stormwater drains, commercial drains and any other drainage issue in your home or business.

If you’re dealing with blocked drains anywhere in Melbourne’s western suburbs, contact the team at All Hours Plumbing.

We provide a cost effective and appropriate solution for blocked drains in Melbourne Western suburbs and our major service areas include:

We’re available for 24/7 emergency plumbing callouts and can handle all your residential or commercial plumbing requirements. Give us a call on 0478 017 068 or contact us online today.

Blocked Drains port melbourne

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